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Orders to Ft. Eustis or Langley AFB: A Military Home Buyer’s Guide

By: Williamsburg Military Insider

You have just received orders to Ft. Eustis, Langley AFB, or Yorktown Navel and it is time to plan for your move across the country, or even across the planet. Under perfect circumstances, which of course don’t exist, this is a major undertaking. And moving gets considerably more complicated when the military member is deployed and the member or spouse cannot participate in the house hunting trip because of childcare concerns, work schedules or deployments.  I have posted a new page  “Military Home Buyer’s Guide.”


Military PCS Entitlements…

As a veteran spouse I have actually forgot what some of the PCS Entitlements are when moving.  I believe I am half in this PCS move; my husband is PCSing  without us this July.   So I am not in my usual full blown spouse mode with this move, knowing the answer before my husband does.  As a friend has asked me about the 10 days for house hunting, I thought  to my self I should actually bone up on the current entitlements so I do know.  I have put them together on a page.  As I re-read a lot of the entitlements I thought it would be helpful to so many others out there to have in a one stop location.