Senate Armed Services Subcommittee Hearing on Personnel March 26 #KeepYourPromise


When you break a promise you’re tampering with the delicate formula upon which the strength and vitality of all – volunteer force is based.

The National Military Family Associations continues to fight for Military Families in this budget  battle. Members of NMFA team will be joining other organizations to testify before the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel next week March 26, telling Congress to KeepYourPromise Tell National Military Family Association, what do you want Congress to know? The National Military Family Association is counting down the days until they testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday. Tell them what you want Congress to know about how the proposed budget that will  affect Military Families at  For a listing of the members of the committee


Military PCS …Renting a home and how to start my search?

homeflagYour orders are in hand and you are deciding do I live on Base/Post or the economy?  Where do I start my search ? There is  also a valuable  resources for renting at a new duty station by using Military by Owner.   These homes are listed by current home owners and some Property Managers in Duty Station Areas. Also check out the AF Housing page for your specific area.  Remember to check on your new BAH rates for 2014 for many have changed.

Many of us are used to looking up homes to rent on ARHN which was sponsored by DOD. Effective 1 January 2014, the Department of Defense sponsorship of AHRN will expire.

The website will remain active as a commercial site. The housing offices continue to provide support services to members and their families; military housing encourages service members to visit the AF housing public website at

Look the properties   over carefully and be sure to ask questions about any apartment or house you are   considering renting. Consider the following:
Some quick questions to consider when living off base or post:

Does the rent cover all   utilities, or will you be responsible for paying for them yourself? If you will   be paying for heat, water, or other utilities ask whether the landlord can   provide an estimated monthly or annual cost for the rental   property.

What kind of security does the building have? Are the doors,   windows and entrances secured? Are the stairs safe and well lighted? Are the   fire escapes easily accessible?

What sort of commute will you have to   school or work and what is nearby in terms of restaurants, shopping,   entertainment and other places you frequently visit? Also, what are the   neighbors like (students, families, retirees) and is this the right setting for   you?

Who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of common areas   (stairwells, hallways, etc.) and appliances, furnace filters and other items   within the property which may need to be serviced?

Is the landlord or   property management readily available during nights and weekends and what are   the procedures for emergency services, repairs or lock-outs?

What kind   of parking is available? Is there an extra charge for a parking   spot?

Are storms windows, screens and shades   provided?

2014 Basic Allowance for Housing rates will increase an average of 5 percent for 2014.

AR-130119943[1]2014 Basic Allowance for Housing rates will increase an average of 5 percent when they take effect on January 1, 2014. An estimated $20 billion will be paid to approximately one million service members during the year.

Ever wonder how they get the BAH Rate? Three components are included in the BAH computation:  median current market rent; average utilities (including electricity, heat, and water/sewer) and average renter’s insurance.

Total housing costs are calculated for six housing profiles (based on dwelling type and number of bedrooms) in each military housing area.  BAH rates are then calculated for each pay grade, both with and without dependents.  An estimated $20 billion will be paid to approximately one million service members in 2014.

Get more details about the rate changes and how they will affect you,

2013 BAH Rates are Available…in Hampton Roads, Virginia

American-flags-outside-homesThe new 2013 BAH Rates are available.  In the Hampton Roads area the rates have slightly gone up.  This is great news to all military Homeowners. To check your BAH 2013 rate, visit:

The rates go into effect 1 Jan 2013.  Remember, the rates are for new military families moving into an area. If your specific rate goes down, you’ll continue to receive the same amount.

Related link:

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2012 (BAH) Basic Allowance for Housing Rates Will Rise in Hampton Roads, VA.

By:  Williamsburg Military Insider

2012 Basic Allowance for Housing rates will rise an average 2 percent next year, here in Hampton Roads, to include, Langley Air Force Base, Ft. Eustis, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, and Cheatam Annex.

See the rates

When rates go up, all service members in a given location get the increase. But when rates dip, the military’s “individual rate protection” policy ensures that troops already settled in a location will not see their BAH decrease for as long as they remain in that location, assuming no change in dependency status or a reduction in pay grade.

That policy assures that troops who have signed long-term leases are not penalized if housing costs in their area fall.

BAH rates remain high by historical standards. Until 2005, troops were expected to cover some of their housing costs out of their own pockets. But Congress changed the law, and now the Pentagon gives troops 100 percent of estimated housing costs for their area.

Median rental costs are only one factor in the complex formula officials use to determine BAH rates. It also includes the average utilities costs and renter’s insurance rates. The Pentagon analyzes that data annually for 365 U.S. housing markets, including Alaska and Hawaii.

The Defense Department will pay out a total of about $20 billion in BAH, a slight uptick from last year’s total of about $19 billion. More than 1 million troops receive BAH to cover housing off post or rent in privatized housing complexes on military installations.

I am a REALTOR with Liz Moore & Associates Also; I am part of the Liz Moore & Associates’ Military Team which specializes in homes for sale in James City County, Newport News, Hampton, York County, Poquoson, and Williamsburg, VA as well as surrounding markets. I offer Active Duty friendly support to families relocating to Langley Air Force Base, Ft. Eustis, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, and Cheatam Annex. When you PCS to Hampton Roads, VA you will find that I understand that when a family member joins the military, the entire family belongs…thank you for serving our Country, and I look forward to serving your real estate needs!

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