You Can Easily Turn Your Spring Cleaning, Into Some Extra Cash For The Upcoming PCS Season.

Yard saleSpring is upon us, you know what that means. Time to give the home a deep cleaning and do some organization before the PCS move. More often than not you will realize that you have tons of stuff that you rarely use so it gets boxed up and moves to the next duty station in the box, or sits an attic collecting dust when it could be making you money! The average home has $7,000 worth of unused items simply taking up space according to a study by market research firm NPD Group.


This weekend Money and I took on our garage, there is no reason our garage should be doubling as a storage unit. As I looked at all the items we really could do without and have been moving from duty station to duty station, I decided with this upcoming PCS no more moving our storage unit (aka garage). One of my favorite quotes I am taking to heart “Get rid of anything that isn’t Useful, Beautiful or Joyful” Regina Brett. For example the large treadmill collecting dust for 2 PCS moves. I set out to research the help of great websites and apps, which would help us on our journey of purging. I had previously used Gazelle to sell some old cell phones, I knew there had to be a site or app for it. I was surprised of the value I received for my Iphone 4  $100.00  so you just never know. They paid right when they said they would. I highly recommend Gazelle for resale of old phones.

Gadgets: Old cell phones or Ipads

Even a limited spring-cleaning spree should include assessing older model smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronics. Gadget trade-in has become a competitive market, Sell everything from smartphones to video games, and laptops for cash. They’ll pay upfront within a week by Paypal, a check or a Target gift card, and they will wipe your item clear of personnel info. (I actually recommend before sending setting your electronics back to factory settings.)

Gift cards

Unwanted gift cards could be worth as much as 92.5 percent of their value on the secondary market, according to, a site that aggregates offers from various resellers. Now you can trade in those unwanted gift cards you aren’t planning on using for cards you will use, or sell them for cash. I have personally used this one and loved my experience.


Haul a bag down to the nearest secondhand bookstore, or try your luck online. Powell’s Books and Now if you know Money we have TONS of books.   I believe this accounts for a ¼ of our shipment weight during our PCS Moves. I do like very easy to use. Type in the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and the site will search more than 40 book buying sites that are used textbooks and other books to give you a quote for yours. Best part of the site it is free with no registration required that aims to help you find the best place to sell your used book


So Chloe Grace is nervous over this one, I have my eyes on old Video games. Old CDs, DVDs and video games can be a tough sell on the secondhand market if you haven’t kept the original cases with the artwork, extra materials and UPC code intact. That’s a must at sites such as Amazon, and


Now we move on to clothing…Yes I am a shopper and I usually give most of my clothing away or donate to shelters that can use it. But since I love the ability to sell or trade items on line and with ease. I had to try I was surprised at the ease of this site. You fill a prepaid, pre-addressed bag with used or new clothing and you can earn up to 80 percent of the resale value in cash or a shopping credit back to the site. They accept and sell adult and children’s clothing. We are testing this site out with Chloe’s clothing, she jumped right up to volunteer with some items she out grew still in great shape.   Our agreement all the money we received from her clothes she could buy new ones. I also came across on my online quest for resale wash , wow one can still dream! This is high end clothing and bags, you can earn up to 70 percent of the resale value for your clothing, by selling your Chanel Bag or Prada shoes.


Good look with your journey to cashing out this PCS move season!



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